Product Care

NW uses a variety of materials: 14k gold filled, gold plated, brass, sterling silver, bronce and copper. Treat your jewelry kindly and it will continue to sparkle and shine like new. Here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry looking great:

Use a Cleaning Cloth
A soft jewelry cleaning cloth will clean tarnished silver and gold.

Use Mild Soap and Warm Water
A warm damp cloth or paper towel with a dab of soap will safely clean our Swarovski crystals and Gemstones. Carefully pat dry with a clean soft cloth.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Cleaners
Harsh chemicals can strip away the outer surface of our materials and corrode the metals. Please remove your jewelry when applying products such as hair spray, astringent, perfume, and foundation makeup.

Use a Separate Storage Box
Protect your Gemstones from unnecessary scratches and glass fractures. Never store your jewelry in piles or place on a hard surface. Please store your jewelry in separate areas of a jewelry box or wrap your jewelry individually before storing.

Use Common Sense
Remove your jewelry when participating in high impact sports, swimming, bathing, etc.